Testimonials from Participating Agencies

The EmploymentApp team is dedicated to providing outstanding service and functionality that meets your unique needs. Because we stand behind our solutions, our clients and users do, too.

  • Lincoln, NH

    “PoliceApp.com has allowed me to be much more efficient during our hiring process. It keeps all application-related materials online and organized logically. I can communicate electronically and simultaneously with each candidate. Each communiqué is stored in the applicant’s “file” for easy reference. The most obvious benefit is that there is no cost to my police department that is benefiting from the service. If you are not using PoliceApp.com to hire new police officers, you are working too hard. I highly recommend it.”

    Captain Jeffrey BurnhamLincoln NH Police Department
  • West Hempfield, PA

    “The team at PoliceApp.com are absolutely fantastic to work with; answering any and all questions that I had. The system has been a breeze to use and it has dramatically reduced my work load. I highly recommend PoliceApp.com!”Kerri Sensenig West Hempfield Township Police Department – Lancaster, PA

  • Connecticut Police Chiefs Association

    “Our experience dealing with PoliceApp.com has been positive and a true benefit to our association financially. They have a history of timely and successful completion of any requests we might have.” Pamela D. Hayes CPCA Executive Director

  • Wethersfield, CT

    “I have been the accreditation manager for approximately six years; I have assembled proofs of compliance both before and after my department utilized PoliceApp.com. Using PolicApp.com has streamlined the process of fulfilling chapters 31 and 32 of the CALEA standards. I get the administrative convenience, the publicity for recruiting, the ease of information retrieval, all for no cost and no data-related infrastructure demands / maintenance. Clearly, PoliceApp is a home run for law enforcement agencies.” LT. Thomas Mitney Wethersfield Police Department

  • Lancaster County Chiefs of Police Association, PA

    “As Chairman of the Lancaster County Chiefs of Police Hiring Consortium I am happy to report that we are extremely pleased with the PoliceApp program. We are receiving an applicant pool that we have not experienced in the past due in large part to PoliceApp’s reach through social media and the internet. We are finding that today’s applicants are computer savvy and use this as a vehicle to look for jobs. PoliceApp is a perfect fit. PoliceApp also assisted us with our advertising campaign and produced printed advertisements. I would highly recommend PoliceApp to any individual agencies or consortiums. The service and dedication to their clients is second to none.” Chief John Bowman East Lampeter Township Police Department

  • Ansonia, CT

    “Using PoliceApp.com, we experienced a 400-500% increase in applicants to our department. It helped us to find those candidates that may not have been exposed to our previous methods of advertising.” Lt. Wayne Williams Ansonia Police Department

  • New Milford, CT

    “This innovative system has allowed me to accelerate the testing process administratively and I am happy to report that our last four hires were a result of PoliceApp.com applications.” Deputy Chief Mark Buckley New Milford Police Department

  • West Haven, CT

    “I want to say the experience I had with your company was outstanding with no problems. You explained everything to me at the beginning. What I had to do and what to expect using your company. I must say it all worked just the way you told me.

    Your system was very easy to use after I understood the process. You were very helpful through the whole process and after the testing was over you were still there for me. Your service was also outstanding, every time I called for help you were right there on the phone spending time with me explaining how to work with the program.”. Chief Peter Massaro West Haven Fire Department, Allingtown District

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