Our Solutions

Designed by recruitment professionals and technology experts, our platforms simplify both the recruitment and application processes. Save time and money when hiring for general, municipal, and public safety jobs with our smart solutions:

Our Mission

The hiring process can be a rigorous challenge for applicants and agencies alike. Our platforms eliminate process redundancies and common frustrations by:

  • Publicizing current job openings
  • Matching candidates with the jobs they qualify for
  • Allowing for efficient communication between agencies & applicants
  • Streamlining and organizing the application experience


Why Use EmploymentApp?

Are you looking to streamline the hiring process? Our solutions can reduce data entry and help you find the best candidate – fast.

Accelerated Hiring Shorten the hiring cycle by eliminating paperwork, data entry, and clerical tasks.  
CUSTOMIZABLE Designed to accommodate your unique hiring process.  
COMMUNICATE Communicate and schedule interviews or exams with your applicants quickly and efficiently. Receive real-time confirmation and reporting when your email has been viewed.  
EVALUATION RESULTS Review and rank applicants based on specific criteria..  
APPLICANT TRACKING Review applicants’ basic information, test scores, and progress at-a-glance.  
STREAMLINE RECORDS Maintain and archive candidate records in a secure online environment with easy-to-use search tools.  
REPORTS CENTER Easily generate EEOC, ADA, and custom reports to meet requirements.  

Learn more about using EmploymentApp to simplify the hiring process

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