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Designed to simplify the recruitment process for both you and your applicants, EmploymentApp is an easy-to-use, cost-effective recruitment solution. With a custom job board to embed on your website and backend tools to manage applicants, you have everything you need to promote your open positions and manage the recruitment process.

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Post your job in hours, not days!

EmploymentApp.com is easily integrated into your existing website without
additional software requirements or lengthy implementation schedules.

Accelerate hiring by saving time and budget

Our user-friendly interface provides tools you can access anytime, anywhere to post new positions,
accept online applications, track applicants, schedule interviews/exams and rank your candidates.

… we experienced a 400-500% increase in applicants to our department. It helped us to find those candidates that may not have been exposed to our previous methods of advertising.

– Lt. Wayne Williams
Ansonia Police Department

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